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Floral Preservation

You've had your dream wedding, now what? Preserve your florals in resin with Megan Mahoney Creative. We taking shiped bouquets from around the country, and provide complimentary pick up of bouquets in Blaine County.


Main Pieces

STEP ONE: Choose your main piece.

Pieces range from $400 to $2,200

  • 15" Round End Table

  • 12"x18" Tray

  • 12"x16" Tray

  • 12"x12 Tray

  • 11" Hexagon

  • 10" Standing Arch

  • 5" Bookends (2)

  • 7" Hexagon

  • 7" Square

  • 6" Hexagon

PICTURED: 12"x18" Tray

Add Ons

STEP TWO: Choose Your Add Ons

Add Ons Range from $125 to $350

  • 4" Ornament

  • Ring Holder

  • Candle Holder

  • Jewelry Box

  • Shot Glasses (4)

  • 6" Hexagon

  • 5" Bookends (2)

Bouquet Preservation Options (8.5 × 11 in).jpg

How it Works...

  • Reach out by filling out the form on our "Contact" page to see if your event date is available for preservation. We recommend booking your event date in advance, as we can only handle a small number of orders per weekend, but we can sometimes accommodate last minute orders as well.  

  • Once your date is confirmed available, you will choose your pieces. Start with a Main Piece and then any Add-Ons you would like. A 50% deposit is due at this point to reserve your date and the preservation spaces on our tables. 

  • Once your event is completed, we will pick up your bouquet (Blaine County only) and begin the preservation process.

  • Preservation and resin setting takes anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the size of the order and the number of orders happening concurrently.

  • We will send a layout proof for you to approve and then begin pouring your piece, in addition to occasional updates about your order. 

  • Once your piece is completed, we will either arrange a drop off / pick up time or we can ship you your pieces for an addition fee. The final 50% payment is also due before delivery. 

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